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10,000 litre rain water tanks made on site from soil compressed blocks.

A school without water means no access to basic sanitation, including handwashing, making both pupils and teachers vulnerable to sanitation related diseases.

A school without water truly means no access to handwashing, even after using the toilet. It often forces many girls to drop out of school when they start their menstruation, solely due to a lack of water in school. Schools need water for sanitation purposes, including washing hands and cleaning the latrines, as well as cleaning and dampening dusty classrooms to reduce respiratory diseases.

Not only that, a school without water means no drinking water or cooking facilities available on site.

So far, LBA has constructed 88 Water Tanks.

Many schools do not have a nearby water source. This means children, most especially girls, are forced to leave their lessons to collect up to 400 litres of water for the school. Not only are girls missing out on their education, but they are also at risk from sexual abuse when they leave the school premises.

 A 10,000 litre water tank, constructed on site using environmentally friendly and cost-effective soil compressed bricks collects enough water to serve the school community. LBA also provides guttering for rain water harvesting to channel the rain water from the classroom roofs into the tank. The costs of the tank are about half that of a plastic tank, plus the local community get involved with the construction helping build a sense of pride and ownership.

Creating a water supply at the school provides access to water and helps protect children and teachers from potentially life-threatening diseases. It protects girls from abuse and helps keep girls in school so they can finish their education.

The tanks are environmentally friendly, the bricks don't require firing and we can get the materials for five tanks on one truck from nearby Mbale. They are very cost effective, costing about 60% of the cost of a plastic water tank.

The materials used also mean they can be painted in weatherproof paint, providing a great backdrop for some colourful WASH messages in the school compound.

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