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Clean, safe, free, drinking water for a whole community

Imagine collecting your drinking and washing water from a muddy puddle, which you stand in to collect the water, and have to share with frogs and other insects. Then having walked 4 miles to get to that puddle, you walk 4 miles back with a 20kg container on your head. 

For many families in Uganda,the only way they can access water is by sending the children on an 8 mile hike with 20kgs to carry on their head. For the lucky ones this will at least be clean water, though for 44% of Ugandans, the water they collect is unsafe for human consumption.

LBA has constructed 69 protected water sources, providing whole communities with clean safe drinking water.

Without a protected water source, many families have no choice but to collect their water from what is nothing more than a muddy puddle. They often have no choice but to stand in the puddle to reach the water. They have no choice to share the puddle with cows, frogs, insects, algae and lava. If the puddle is shallow, they have no choice but to scoop the water with a small cup, often over 60 times to fill their jerrycan.

This however is easy to change through providing families & communities with a clean safe alternative.

A protected water source provides clean, safe drinking water for a whole village. Many of our sources serve 3, 4 or 5 villages where no other protected source is available.

When we protect a water source, we trap natural water underground (before it has surfaced or become contaminated), and channel it through a pipe where the clean water can easily be collected. The water is clean; the water is safe; it is plentiful, easily collectible, and it is available all year round.

A protected water source can greatly improve the health of a community, reducing water-borne and water-related diseases. Less illness means less time spent absent from school or work; less valuable money spent on medicines; a reduction in child mortality and of course, improvement in health for all the family.

LBA also conducts sensitisation with schools and communities to teach them how to ensure this water stays clean and safe once it has been collected.



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