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Smokeless, Fuel Efficient, Energy Saving Stoves made from free locally available materials

Smokeless fuel efficient stoves use only one third the amount of firewood that traditional cooking methods use, reducing pressure on Uganda’s forests and time spent collecting firewood.
Smoke is minimal and a chimney channels any smoke outside the kitchen, adding years to women’s and children's lives.

Traditional cooking methods in rural Uganda use three stones to support a saucepan with an open fire beneath. The open fires tend to be difficult to light requiring a lot of puff to get them going and producing large amounts of smoke. Women, who often cook with children around them or on their back, inhale an enormous amount of smoke on a daily basis - a life threatening amount of smoke, valued by the WHO as the equivalent of smoking between 1 and 3 packets of cigarettes a day. The stoves are low down which puts a strain on the backs of those cooking whilst the open fires leave both the women and children at risk of burns. The open fire also means that the stoves are inefficient with heat being lost from the sides of the hearth therefore requiring a greater amount of firewood to cook.

Smokeless fuel efficient stoves burn firewood in a specially made chamber positioned below the cooking pots. This chamber allows firewood to burn effectively, producing little smoke and an intense heat. The chamber channels the heat to the cooking pots, meaning food cooks faster requiring less time and firewood. The stoves are raised so are easier on the back and as the fire is enclosed, it is reduces the risk of burns.

Smokeless fuel efficient stoves are cheap and easy to make: they are made from locally available materials such as anthill soil, rice husks and dried grass. It takes just a few hours to make them and less than a day to train someone to construct them.

LBA works with Energy-efficiency specialists to ensure the most up to date technology, which is continuously improving, is made available to community members.



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