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It's very important to understand exactly what your donation is put towards

There are fundamental values and beliefs that inspired our passion to set up LBA. Nine years later we refuse for these to be compromised.

We believe that donations should go directly to the communities which we are partnering and not get lost in large admin budgets, which are more commonly not referred to as admin budgets these days, but as something that sounds more pleasing like "programme support" or "programme development". 

At LBA we do not have UK overhead costs, we don't pay for flights (for anyone!), we don't have hotel bills and we certainly don't pay "allowances".

In Uganda we have a humble but very effective office based in the district we work in. There is no fancy Kampala office, or even Mbale office: our benefactors are in Manafwa and that's where we need to be - accessible for both LBA to visit the projects and for our partners and potential partners to visit us. When we go to the field, we walk out the door (with our raincoat): we do not have a suitcase packed for a week, nor a hotel booking, nor a brand new air conditioned, chauffeur driven 4x4 waiting. And being in the heart of the district means we do not visit the projects as and when the budget or the annual workplan allows, we visit the projects when we are needed, even the same day a committee needs support. If we do need to stay in the field, we are often hosted by committee or community members who know and understand what we are trying to achieve.

So, when we say your donation goes directly to a community, we mean just that. A donation of a tank results in a tank. A donation of a water source, means another community with clean water. 




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