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10 FOR 10

10 tanks and 10 water sources for our 10th Birthday

This year Little BIG Africa is 10 years old.
So for 2014, we would like your help to celebrate by building another TEN water tanks and protecting TEN water sources.

It still feels like just last year that we made the decision to stop complaining about these big budgets and lamenting about how little went to communities and actually “do something”. So 67 water tanks, 59 water sources and thousands of stoves later, our “little” projects have had and continue to have big impacts for so many people.

Recently we met a mother, Rehema, who until 4 years ago, could not access clean water for her family. The nearest protected water source was over 1 hours walk away and her children were too young for both her and her children to walk that far. So quite simply, they didn’t drink clean water. Or cook with clean water. Or wash up with clean water. Or wash themselves or their clothes with clean water. Then her sister attended an LBA meeting sensitising the community about the upcoming protection of a water spring in her village. After the completion of the spring, both the sisters began using this newly protected water source. Whilst the protected spring & clean water was still 35 minutes walk away, Rehema made this journey twice a week so at least the family had clean drinking water if nothing else. Her sister had also told LBA at one of the meetings about her sister’s village with no clean water, and as always, we promised to visit and survey the need for and availability of water. At LBA, once we have identified and verified a potential spring for protection where a community has a real need for clean water, we assess it’s priority and it is added to our “to do” list. Two years later, LBA was able to tick off from our "to do" list the spring in Rehema’s village, and now Rehema’s family not only drink clean water, but they cook with clean water, wash with clean water and wash up with clean water. And it only takes Rehema and her children 10 minutes to walk each way to the newly protected water source.

It is stories like Rehema’s that have inspired us to mark LBA’s ten year birthday with our 10 for 10 campaign. We want to build ten water tanks and protect ten water sources for our tenth birthday. And we are looking for 20 teams to get behind us with this campaign (ten for the tanks and ten for the water sources).

It costs LBA £650 to protect a water source and £880 to build and paint a water tank.

Do you or a family member teach in a school? A water tank would be less than £1 per pupil. Think you could organise that?

Do your employers make a donation to charity each year. Get involved and suggest they build their very own tank. Think you could talk to them? Tell your family and friends to ask their employers too.

Are you a placement group of ex-LBA volunteers? A water source would be £108 each. Even less if you got your whole LBA year group involved. Think you could fundraise that?

Prompt your university course mates to kick start 2014 with a good deed. 100 people on your uni course would need to donate a few drinks each (£6.50).

Or get your work colleagues or team mates to donate a round of beers each. At approximately £21 for a round of 6 drinks, ten of you would only need to convince 3 mates to join you in donating a round of drinks.

As always, we will keep you fully updated on the progress of your tank or source and send you pictures of the completed project including showing your group name on the name plaque. We hope to have all projects complete by the end of 2014.

We would love to hear from you if you’re up for joining us on this challenge. You can get in touch by clicking on the little envelope above, or through Facebook or email

Please don’t forget to share this with your family, friends, work colleagues etc. To download this as a PDF click here.



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