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It costs LBA £650 to protect a water source and provide a local community
with clean, safe, drinking water.

And it costs LBA £880 to build a water tank in a primary school to allow pupils and teachers to study and work in a work in a clean and healthy environment.

With Little BIG Africa (LBA) you may direct your donation to a specific area or leave it to us to target our next priority project.

LBA receives two different types of financial support. One type is where a donor specifies exactly what they want their money to go towards. Examples of this (to name just a few) include: a protected spring; latrines (toilets) for a school; a water tank for a school or health centre; or books, sports equipment or musical instruments for a school. Here the donor will usually liaise with LBA to work out the exact cost of the project and fund the entire project.

The second type is a general donation, of any amount which the donor chooses. LBA pools all of these contributions and puts them towards protecting a water source for a community or building a tank in a primary school. Every donation is kept safe until the full cost for the protection of the water source or water tank is raised and then the construction begins.

It costs LBA £650 to protect a water source and £880 to build a water tank. This includes working with local communities and District authorities to identify viable sources and schools in the neediest areas; testing the flow and purity of the water; all construction materials apart from those donated by the community; the hiring of a technical engineer; and the setting up, training of and support to a water source/tank committee.

LBA puts 100% of donations towards projects and not admin costs. To find out more about where your donation goes click here.

In 2014, LBA launched its 10 for 10 campaign. To read more about this and how you can get involved visit the 10 for 10 page.



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